Unlock the Potential of Market Intelligence

Midesk is an affordable 360° Market & Competitive Intelligence platform that not only provides the standard scraping, news monitoring, newsletter and reporting toolkit everybody else does, but also lets you reuse, structure and report your market data and news like nobody else.

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Store your market data in one place to build a data baseline for your organization

Monitor, Save & Report Competitors’ KPIs

Centralize Market Data

For all the strategy, research or sales departments, Midesk offers a dedicated central place for you to store KPIs, sources & manage currencies, and easily export your data. We solve the problem that most companies face: data scattered all over the place.

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Simplify and Keep Your Research Up-To-Date

Automate Reporting & Profiling

Keeping your PowerPoints in line with your reporting requirements is hard. Midesk provides an easy way to set up business templates, prepare standard outputs, insert data and automatically export to various formats, such as PowerPoint or Excel.

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Midesk Automate Reporting and Share Competitor Profiles

Distribute Press Clippings in Minutes

Send Newsletters (also via Slack)

Whether you are in Sales, Communications or PR, you need to understand what's happening on the market on a daily basis. Use Midesk to consolidate your news sources and distribute professional newsletters to your colleagues or customers via Midesk platform, e-mail or Slack.

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Bring Your Teams to Work Together

Collaborate With Your Team

For all the Market Intelligence and Strategy professionals, PR agencies or Sales teams that need to work together on a given market and media research project, Midesk offers one place to conduct research projects and collaborate together. Midesk is from researchers for researchers.

Bring your teams to work together

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