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Competitor monitoring

Automated and customizable scraping of competitor & market data for Market & Competitive Intelligence purposes.

News monitoring

All-in-one solution for tracking global news, RSS feeds, and external newsletters, for enriched and timely news insights

News management

Efficient management and distribution of market & competitor news with branded send-outs for stakeholders.

Competitive & market data management

Optimized Market & Competitive Intelligence data management through a dedicated, flexible repository system.

Report management

Streamlined and effortless reporting with auto-updating dashboards and seamless PowerPoint export.

Gain competitive insight with AI

Power of NLP/GPT in Market & Competitive Intelligence

An example of a ChatGPT-powered notification from Midesk's Market & Competitive Intelligence platform.

Applied AI in Market & Competitive Intelligence

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"Midesk has helped us to professionalize our Market Intelligence work! Having one central place to (a) store data from our competitive environment, (b) use crawlers to auto-collect a high number of daily data points (c) create off-the-shelf reports based on this data helps us to work a lot more efficiently."

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