Automatically Collect & Manage Market Intelligence

Midesk is an affordable 360° Market & Competitive Intelligence platform that not only provides the standard web-scraping, news monitoring, and reporting capabilities, but also lets you reuse, structure, analyse and report your market data and news like nobody else on the market.

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Midesk is like playing chess.

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Structured Crawling

Automatically Crawl Structured Data From the Internet

We have all been there. Reports are expensive. What if there is a tool that can do the heavy-lifting for you?

With Midesk, you can crawl hard data from the internet and save it to what we call "data repositories". You can capture published numbers of open vacancies from your competitors websites, get notified about new documents in the Investor Relations subpage, process API (json) or even count content.


Get Auto-updating Reports In PowerPoint

Keeping your PowerPoints in line with your reporting requirements is hard. What if you could get your standard reports automatically?

Midesk provides an easy way to set up business templates, prepare standard outputs, insert data and automatically export to various formats, such as PowerPoint or Excel.

Media Monitoring

Establish Easy Media Monitoring and Internal Newsletters

Whether you are in Sales, Communications or PR, you need to understand what's happening on the market on a daily basis. Use Midesk to consolidate your news sources and distribute professional newsletters to your colleagues or customers via Midesk platform, e-mail or Slack.

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