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Midesk Is the Ultimate Swiss Knife for Market Intelligence Work Including News Monitoring, Newsletters, Crawlers for Market Data & Self-updating Market Intelligence Deliverables.

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Unlock the Intelligence Process

From monitoring a competitor online, managing their market data, to building competitor profiles and keeping them automatically up to date.

1st step of the Market Intelligence Process: Collect Data and Information


Collect market data from websites, discover news from thousands of sources, harvest newsletters, and get notified on significant events.

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2nd step of the Market Intelligence Process: Process Data and News


Coddle your market data in a dedicated repository system, create commented newsletters, and spin up self-updating business reports.

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3rd step of the Market Intelligence Process: Distribute Data and Insight


Schedule newsletters via Email or Slack, export self-updating PowerPoints ready for your board meeting, forward notifications about significant changes on the web.

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4th step of the Market Intelligence Process: Measure - Market Intelligence KPIs


Understand who reads your newsletters, what your distribution list is interested in, put KPIs behind media work, and analyse your news licence usage.

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