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The modern & fully-fledged Market Intelligence platform

Midesk monitors and scrapes data & news on your markets so you can easily manage and share them in stunning deliverables.

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Key Capability Areas

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Web monitoring

Dedicated scraping for market & competitive intelligence purposes

Monitor your markets. From all sides.


Media monitoring

top-down news monitoring from worldwide media, and bottom-up blog&content scraping from website


Newsletter monitoring

An innovative approach to consume market news and monitor competitors' actions


News management

manage market developments, add insights and swiftly create branded send outs with just a few clicks.


Data management

State-of-the-art repository system to work with market data


Report management

Dedicated self-updating drag&drop dashboards with direct export to PowerPoint


We work with small and large companies


"Midesk has helped us to professionalize our Market Intelligence work! Having one central place to (a) store data from our competitive environment, (b) use crawlers to auto-collect a high number of daily data points (c) create off-the-shelf reports based on this data helps us to work a lot more efficiently."
Testimonial New Work SE Dr. Julian Stahl Head of Market Intelligence, New Work SE

Collecting, processing & distributing since 2019

Our KPIs

  • +1M
    Scraped Results
  • +560k
    Managed Data Points
  • +400k
    Managed Articles


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