Monitor Web & Manage Market Data and Insight

Forward-thinking Market Intelligence teams use Midesk to monitor their markets, centralize market data & news articles, and share stunning deliverables with their stakeholders, all-in-one place.

We've been working with some of the most influential companies in their industries

Automate most of your daily
market intelligence work.

Midesk is what we'd have needed when we worked in market intelligence.

Monitor web & social media and get notified

You'll be able to monitor your markets and know about relevant changes as they happen. You'll also save all the data for later use.

Get all you need for media intelligence

Get an Inbox email, media monitoring service, own news archive, commenting, scheduled newsleters, PDF export and statistics.

Properly manage market data

Currency exchange, source management, missing values, reporting periods, multiple datapoints.

Centralize everything

External emails/newsletters, Websites, Social media, APIs, Market data, Reports

Monitor & Scrape Market Data

There are hundreds of millions of active websites and they change constantly. It's hard to stay on top of it without crawlers & notifications.

Easy Web Crawling Setup

One-click Recipes

Harvest the power of external data with one click. Our predefined Recipes make connecting to websites, APIs, and social media accounts super easy.

Keyword-based Monitoring

Use lists and custom variables to visit multiple websites in one go. Use lists to find and extract exactly the content you care about from your targeted websites and APIs.

Notifications & Difference Highlighting

We'll generate sharable content & notify you when something relevant changes. Our difference reports are helpful and non-intrusive and nicely showcase new items, change text and numerical deltas.

Manage Crawled Data

We crawl the data for you and let you manage it efficiently.

Advanced Repository System

On top of a spreadsheet editor, our product offers the following capabilities to help you manage market data:

  • Calculate missing figures

  • Manage currencies

  • Manage data versions

  • Manage source information

  • Manager original vs reported value

  • Inherently comparable data

Midesk Repository Sytem

Self-updating Reports & Profiles

Do you like the copy&paste the latest KPIs and carry out currency exchange when you're updating your PowerPoints? And how great is it to switch between all the windows when you're updating the "Latest news" slide? Why can't it be just ready to go? Well, it can.

Midesk Report Builder

Drag&drop editor

Reports consisting of blocks are easily manageable by drag&drop interactions.

Various blocks

Our report builder allows you to embed most of your Midesk content. This includes news, text, images and data as graphs or variables.

Self-updating capabilities

Midesk will automatically update all of your graphs and variables in reports to the latest state of your data.

Export PowerPoint

As all business is conducted in PowerPoint, you can easily export all of your reports as a PowerPoint document.

Media Intelligence Solution

Monitoring, curating and reporting on competitors in the news takes much time - up to 2 hours a day per day. You can use Midesk to monitor competition in media AND save 80 % of that time you would traditionally spend on creating a newsletter.

Monitoring Local & Global Media

Unlock the power of news monitoring in multiple languages to get the latest information from local and global media.

Extract Articles from Emails & Web

You'll get a forwarding email address you can use to sign-up for newsletters or forward Google Alerts. We will identify relevant news articles and make them available for further work. You can also monitor websites and download their content as Articles.

Compile & Send Newsletters

Sending a newsletter is easier said than done. Midesk offers the whole process and makes it quick and pleasant to compose and send newsletters to your stakeholders.

Midesk News Hub Opened Article

Some count that matters

Our achievement in the journey in numbers

Crawled Results
Managed Data Points
Identified Articles in Newsletters

Collect, process & distribute!

Crawlers, notifications, data, news monitoring, reports, newsletters and more.
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