🚀 16 August 2021: We're just launched a Youtube and Twitter API integration for market & competitive intelligence purposes. Read more.

Effortlessly Track Competitors & Periodically Scrape Their Data

Midesk is a Market intelligence platform that allows you to automate your competitive monitoring and reporting starting at € 59 / month.

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Key benefits

You'll get rid of most of the intelligence-related manual work, get notified about your market changes, and get professional deliverables you can share right away.

Notifications about your markets

Midesk will notify and create "difference" reports about your monitoring targets.
You'll more easily understand what has changed and be able to share relevant information with your stakeholders.

Elimination of your repetitive tasks

Save around 2 hours / day / FTE on media work and around 60 % of work related to preparing reports.
This translates to around $ 18.000 / per year under the average salary of a Market intelligence professional.

Acceleration of your business

Automate your standard deliverables and let go of the repetitive tasks to win time you can invest in other activities.
This will let you focus on stronger insight, building better relationships or finding new internal or external customers.

Monitor Competitors on the Web, Social Media & API

We all know there are hundreds of millions of active websites and they change constantly. And how about social media? So much of changing data everywhere. Let's manage it!

Easy One-click setup

Harvest the power of external data with one click. Our workflows make it super easy to set-up new monitoring jobs.

Notifications & Sharables on Changes

We'll generate sharable content & notify you on significant changes when something changes.

All-in Coverage: Web, Social Media & API

Our crawlers cover the whole spectur of areas where you might want to track your competitors, from their social media account to their website background processes.

Manage Crawled Data

We not only crawl the data for you but also let you easily manage it like a market intelligence professional.

Advanced Repository System

On top of a spreadsheet editor you would expect when speaking of managing data, our product offers the following capabilities we were missing when we managed market intelligence ourselves:

  • Calculate missing figures from lower data periods (daily figures to monthly)

  • Manage company and reporting currencies (forex included)

  • Manage multiple versions of a specific figure

  • Manage source information

  • Inherently comparable data across repositories

  • Manage related metadata such as company logos

Midesk Repository Sytem

Self-updating Reports & Profiles

Do you like the copy&paste the latest KPIs and carry out currency exchange when you're updating your PowerPoints? And how great is it to switch between all the windows when you're updating the "Latest news" slide? Why can't the whole report be just ready to go? Well, it can with Midesk.

Midesk Report Builder

Drag&drop editor

Midesk lets you embed all Midesk content into self-updating reports that are built on a block-principle in its modular drag&drop online builder with blocks like latest news, text, images, columns, graphs and containers.

Self-updating everything

New data saved to your data repository? Midesk will automatically update your report with it.

This is a key capability of our solution: Keeping all your report blocks up-to-date and aligned the latest state of your data.

Automatic currency exchange

Do you have an international peer group and report in a specific currency? No problem! Midesk automatically converts all of your graphs and variables into the right reporting currency.

Export PowerPoint

As all business is conducted in PowerPoint, you can easily export all of the above as a PowerPoint document.

And one more thing ... news monitoring

Monitoring, curating and reporting on competitors in news takes a lot of time - up to 2 hours a day per day. You can use Midesk to monitor competition in media AND save 80 % of that time you would traditionally spend on creating a newsletter.

Monitoring Local and Global Media

Unlock the power of news monitoring in multiple languages to get the latest scoops on your competitors in local and global media. We provide you with a powerful editor that removes all the obstacles on the way. And your PDF and e-mail deliverables are good looking and have your CI.

Capture Competitors' Newsletters

You'll get an Inbox email address where you can forward all of your competitors' newsletters. Send newsletters or emails there and we will identify relevant news articles and make them available for further work.

Send Your Own Newsletters

Sending a newsletter is easier said than done. You need a template, distribution list and then fill up your template with your articles periodically. Midesk takes over the whole process and makes it quick and pleasant to send newsletter with your insight about your competitors.

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