On a mission to develop an industry standard for market intelligence-related work and make outsourcing market intelligence attainable for companies regardless of their size.


Every company, regardless of its size deals with market intelligence, but providing market intelligence is expensive and a lack of market intelligence solutions makes companies do it (internal IT solutions, avoidance of outsourcing, re-researching, etc.) themselves instead of focusing on their core business.

There are a couple of reasons for these problems:

  • Market lacks innovative IT solutions to MI-related work
  • Licence management has become a pain point of the industry, yet no solutions have emerged
  • It is difficult to find/ contract data providers and manage deliverables, regardless of company size
  • There is a common pattern of re-researching due to lack of trust in own data / past research

Midesk, based on over 5 years of functional experience, is here to solve these problems and innovate the stiff and outdated market offering.


Photo Jakub

Jakub Tomek

  • VSE Prague, BA & Marketing / VU Amsterdam, Consulting / Certified project manager (PMI PMP)
  • Over five years of thorough market and media intelligence experience at thyssenkrupp from data processing, provider management, or sales and strategy work, through team lead, to responsibility for a MI work-stream during a post-merger integration process with another company or project co-lead for digitalization
  • Built CostOfHabits (2018, iOS), Memrify (2013, web app) and various internal organizational market intelligence solutions
Photo Zuzana

Zuzana Tomkov√°

  • VSE Prague, Quantitative methods in matematics / Czech Technical University, Project management
  • Over three years of experience in marketing intelligence & diginal marketing where Zuzka worked as a performance marketing consultant for the Seznam.cz (Czech Google), where she consulted campaigns in Czechia and Germany. Experienced project manager.
  • Passion for data driven aproaches in marketing.