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Midesk is the Market Intelligence platform for all Market Intelligence teams looking for a single platform to manage crawlers, market data as well as news monitoring and newsletters.

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Make Market Intelligence Easy

Market Intelligence can get complex. It's no secret that you companies need a market intelligence platform to help them manage it.

Market Intelligence Wheel Illustrates the Complexity of Market Intelligence Process and its Components


Market Intelligence is a very broad term that can encompass many things. You can understand market intelligence to be everything from the actual end deliverables to thought leadership in your company.

Key Capabilities all MI Teams Need

While it can be quite complex to understand your internal needs and your market intelligence network, there are a couple of key capabilities that you can quickly set up to win your management's support: news, market data, and market intelligence profiles.

Manage All About News

Step 1: Monitor Traditional Media, Social media & Blogs

To run an effective market intelligence function, you need to know what happens on the market. News articles, blogs posts and social media are the key channels to monitor.

Midesk integrates GDELT media monitoring service where you can get news from 65 machine-translated languages from across the globe. You are never out of the picture.

Next, Midesk gives you an Email Inbox where you can forward news articles and newsletters. We are able to recognise relevant articles and make them actionable for further processing.

Of course, you can also create your own messages you can then share with your internal and external customers.

Step 2: News Insight - Collect Feedback & Add Value

Mere forwarding of news is ok. But if you really want to add value to your company, you need to leverage your market intelligence network and ask other people to comment on your news.

Midesk provides a built-in capability to add official insight / pin comments. This insight is then prominently displayed in your emails and on Slack.

Step 3: News Distribution via Email and on Slack under 60 seconds

Timely and convenient distribution of news is as important as the previous steps. You would traditionally copy and paste your content into an email and select a shared distribution list managed by Microsoft Outlook. That's tedious work. It can be done better.

Midesk offers a drag&drop newsletter editor for news distribution with custom branding, including advanced features like scheduled delivery, attachments as a PDF, and analytics.

First Dedicated Solution
for Market Data Management

Reporting Periods & Source management

Manage Data Across Periods

It is important to centralize your market data (such as competitors' financials, business KPIs, economic indicators) and have a single "source of truth". But what system to use to do it right? You may encounter daily, weekly, quarterly and annual figures. How to manage it properly?

Midesk has built a dedicated Repository System that's made for managing top-line market data across the reporting periods. You can use it to track data, fill in the gaps, calculate function, and more.

Manage Data Reliability

But it's unfortunately difficult to manage after the first couple of reporting periods because you get to the following: vFinal, vFinal2, vFinalFinal in multiple folders across your Excels and PowerPoints. It gets to the following question often: "Why did you report this number last year? What's the source?"

Automatically Monitor Your Competitors & Get Notified

Website & API Crawling

Collecting, managing, and distributing market intelligence from your competitors' digital footprint, like their websites, is crucial for sound business decisions. What if there is a tool that can do the heavy-lifting for you for a fraction of the price?

With Midesk, you can crawl hard data from the internet and save it to what we call "data repositories". You can capture published numbers of open vacancies from your competitors' websites, get notified about new documents in the Investor Relations subpage, process API (JSON), or even count content.

Be the First One to Know

Notifications from Competitors' Websites

Monitor snippets of your competitors' websites and get informed when they upload a new quarterly report, PR message, extend their team or start looking for new positions.

Self-updating Reports

The Ideal Market Intelligence Companion to PowerPoint

Self-updating Powerpoint Exports

Keeping your PowerPoints in line with your reporting requirements is hard. What if you could get your standard reports automatically?

Midesk provides an easy way to set up business templates, prepare standard outputs, insert data, and automatically export to various formats, such as PowerPoint or Excel.

Collect, process & distribute!

Crawlers, notifications, data, news monitoring, reports, newsletters and more.