Market Intelligence for PR & Internal Communications Departments

All Good Market Intelligence Starts With Monitoring News and Sharing Insights

A solution where internal PR and Communication managers can not only manage media, conduct media analyses, and export finished reports with little effort, but also integrate media providers, automatically extract data from them, and collaborate with colleagues.

  • Automatize PR media workflow
  • Consolidate your media data
  • Team collaboration

Remove Repetitive work

Automate your PR workflows and gain 80 % repetitive time back

Processing data to provide daily media monitoring, qualitative content analysis etc. is time-consuming. It is hard to focus on providing expert comments or developing complex PR strategies while processing media manually.

Empower your PR workflow with one solution where you can provide press clippings, store articles, process public relations information and distribute it via branded newsletter or to Slack channels with just a few clicks.

Midesk can save around 80 % of your time related to media processing by reducing the time to prepare deliverables and manage the distribution, around 8 hours a week / FTE.

Focus on providing your expertise in giving insights instead of unnecessary time on manual PR work.

One Inbox For All Newsletters

Consolidate your media inputs

Working and processing diverse media data to provide daily media monitoring and complex media analysis can be overwhelming. Media data are provided in various formats and via different channels and it is difficult to manage all of them efficiently.

Centralize all your media data providers to one platform. Automatically extract data and distribute them to your customers via branded newsletters or Slack channels.

Consolidate media information from your data providers (e.g. dpa, Landau, Kantar, Keks CNC) and data services (e.g. Google, Gdelt, Statista) in one central place where everyone can access it and work on it.

Focus on your public relations outputs, such as providing insights, press clippings and media analysis. After all, this is what matters the most for you and your customers business.

Managed Distribution lists

Team collaboration

Conducting complex qualitative and quantitative media analysis often require a team effort. Collaborating with your team can be difficult while having to send information over mail and manage tons of different versions of the content.

Cooperate with your team within one platform to conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses, process media articles, create media reports and more. Keep your media documents, such as press releases, list of influencers or journalists at one place. Everyone can engage, even your customers.

Midesk offers an environment where you can collaborate with all your team within one platform.