We've just launched Midesk Vision!

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🚀 It’s a launch day @ Midesk today

The Problem

There are more than 450 million active websites and they change constantly. The problem is that it’s not only time-consuming to monitor them to stay on top of what’s happening. But more importantly, data that change and forever disappear is a huge source of untapped Market Intelligence.

We asked ourselves: What if you could capture the always changing data on the web and turn it into “first party market data”?

The Solution

🚀 This is where our new product comes in: Midesk Vision - A Website Change Monitoring Service That Turns Web Into Market Data.

It can not only automate notifications on changes like most scraping and crawling services but also extract or generate “first party data”. Midesk Vision integrates into our overall solution landscape that lets you maintain and report market data via Automatic Dashboards or PowerPoint Export quickly and reliably.

Application examples for Midesk Vision are:

  • Enterprise: Competitive monitoring, Headhunting, Compliance updates, Sales opportunities, Status tracking
  • Consumer: Employment opportunities, Product/Event availability, Pricing changes, Housing and deal opportunities

Unlike our competitors who only notify you on changes, we also generate first party data and let you export them in management-ready reports quickly & reliably.

See our solution in action

Let's discuss your particular Market & Competitive Intelligence needs and see how Midesk can address them.

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