News management platform for your world-wide presence

Sales representatives are spread across regions and the whole world. There is a need to manage information about the latest news, support knowledge exchange and provide insight to all sales teams.

Get a news management platform where all sales managers can store relevant stories and distribute them to distribution lists. Midesk allows everyone to comment and exchange insights or to download the latest up-to-date reports.

News management platform

Always up-to-date market data

Sales teams need to monitor and centralize all product information and the competitor’s KPIs that needs to be always up-to-date to stop the guess or repetitive work related to them. Market data is often scattered all over the places and not accessible to all sales teams.

Get a dedicated central place to store market data, add source, manage currencies, manage data transformation, and easily export data. The KPI view can then be shared and accessed by any stakeholders identified by the departments.

Collaborative platform for your sales teams

Sales representatives are spread all over the areas where they manage their own regions. They share their knowledge and business opportunities during a quarterly meeting. Unfortunately, they often tend to forget about some business opportunities. They are not able to help and engage with each other over time.

Get a collaborative platform for sales interactions. Spread your knowledge and let your teams engage with each other by commenting, liking and sharing content. Give them a place where they can share their know-how and help each other.