Innovation in Market & Competitive Intelligence, since 2019

Midesk is a SaaS company: We create market & competitive intelligence software with focus on competitor monitoring.

Where we come from

We worked years in traditional Market Intelligence before Midesk. We have developed extensive know-how in Market Intelligence. We have personally distributed curated and distributed daily market news. We drove Market Insight during Strategic projects in multi-billion organisations. We provided Market Intelligence for anti-trust purposes, joined Market Intelligence functions of merged companies during Post-merger integration projects, and have led a wide range of Market Intelligence projects. We negotiated and procured Market Intelligence subscriptions and studies; and managed Market Intelligence teams.

And that is just the start ― we have been supporting and learning about Market Intelligence operations from our small-to-enterprise clients for years.

We are equipped to support your vision of Market Intelligence.

We struggled with Market Intelligence; therefore, we left the corporate world and built Midesk

Collecting, managing, and distributing Market Intelligence from news and competitors’ digital footprint, like their websites, is crucial for sound business decisions.

But the solutions used in Market Intelligence, Strategy or Corporate Development have relied on human effort, Excel & PowerPoint and have not been digitised well.

This fact causes a suboptimal workload and unnecessary costs. Ultimately, mismanaged Market Intelligence results in poor business decisions.

We employ the latest technologies to innovate Market Intelligence

Midesk, an AI-powered Market & Competitive Intelligence platform, was founded to address these challenges.

It is an operating system, a one-stop-shop solution with tools and processes that reduce up to 80% of the time traditionally dedicated to media and data management.

Midesk builds datasets while you sleep, automates board presentations, and lets you manage news with ease and convenience.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany is a label that underpins some of the world’s leading companies that provide high-quality products and stick to increased legal and compliance standards.

We, too, adhere to these standards and work with regional suppliers and worldwide renowned companies to ensure our services are both high-quality and good for society.

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