Dedicated repositories for your key market data

Midesk offers a place to save your market data to one place. As trust and reliability in market data is important, you can save a source to every data point. Distribute your data from Midesk, a central place, to your whole organization to provide it with a data baseline.

Repositories for your data

Put your data to your data repositories. Transfer the data you have with a simple copy & paste.

Midesk offers a dedicated central place to store KPIs, manage data transformation, source & currency management, and easy data export.

Repositories for your market data

Source To Every Data Point

You can include a source of your data to generate automatic footnotes if reused in the Midesk research builder.

Repositories for your market data

Create Drag & Drop Reports

Reuse the data in Midesk and start building competitors profiling or KPI dashboards. Select style and data scope you wish to display. You can then export your research and the data will stay up-to-date.

Repositories for your market data