Data repositories

Data Repositories are the central place where you save and where you can manage all of your market data, like a container.

Baselines Data Repositories - Overview


A Data Repository offers unique capabilities, such as adding a source, managing versions, bottom-up calculations, transformation, and much more. Centralize your data and source information into data repositories. Use them as a single source of truth.

Manage Data Repository

Add more info to Data Repositories like a name, Website, LinkeIn, or the Company currency. Attach and upload an image. The photos get used for the report builder as well.

So you can find your Data repostiroeis and their content quickly.

Baselines Data Rep - Manage

Process and Manage

A key feature of Midesk is to allow you to save a source behind every single data point, and thus making very belated top-management questions like “where is this figure from” are a thing of the past. It secures your work.

  • Export raw data to Excel via the “Export XLSX” button at the right top corner.
  • Add a new row by clicking at the bottom of the spreadsheet at “Add row”. This shows you available data types to choose from

Baselines Data Rep - Process

Data Points

By Clicking to “Datapoints” on the right top you are able to see, filter, and search where your info and KPIs come from. It is the history of your data. This gives you comprehension in your reports, graphs, and whole work!

Baseline Data Rep - Data Points

Change Data Points manually

You can change or insert Data Points manually for your graphs. Go to daily and tip in your value. Changes here (in the graph) don’t have an effect on your Data Repositories. Changes are only for this graph!

Change Data Points manually

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