Data types & value types

Data types are the basic building blocks of Midesk that categorize content. You can imagine “variables” or “rows” in a spreadsheet as data types.

You can preview all of your data types in Settings -> Data Types submenu.

Midesk Datatypes

Value types

Value types are the basic building blocks of Midesk that categorize content and make data comparable with each other. They are used to define the type of data that can be stored in a field. Each data type is underlined by a specific value type.

Midesk Valuetypes

Value types

Below is a list of all value types that are available in Midesk and examples of what they can be used for.

  • Boolean: Represents true or false values.
    • For example: “The company is validated on a review site or not”,
    • “The company is active on social media or not”,
  • Text: Represents a sequence of characters or string.
    • For example: “Marketing text on a website”,
    • “Positioning statement on a website”
  • Date: Represents a specific date,
    • For example: “Date of incorporation”,
    • “Last review added on”
  • Number: Represents numerical values,
    • For example: “Number of employees”,
    • “Number of reviews”,
    • “Number of social media followers”
  • Money: Represents monetary values,
    • For example: “Annual revenue”,
    • “Average salary”,
    • “Average monthly spend on marketing”
  • JSON: Represents data in JavaScript Object Notation format, which is an organized and easy-to-access file format used to store and transmit data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs and array data types.
    • For example: “Blog posts in in format {title: ’…’, content: ’…’, date: ’…’}“,,
    • “Social media accounts in format {facebook: ’…’, twitter: ’…’, linkedin: ’…’}”
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