News Channels help you group news articles. You can send newsletters from your channels or embed them into your reports.

Find quick the latest stories and articles for a specific topic, company, or market.

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Sort your saved articles into Channels. It supports you to keep an overview and find articles easily. You can categorize articles into several channels


Categorizearticles into a channel by using the symbol on the top left. Choose one or several of your personal created Channels.News - overview categorize article to a channel

Like articles with „thumps up”. If you click again, your like is gone. Users can like articles but do not see who likes them.News Zoom - Like article

When you finished your work on an article, mark it „article read”. The article changes the colour to a lighter grey. Now you have an overview of what you still need to take care off. Non read articles are

Add a new Channel

To add a new Channelclick on “All Channels” and use the + next to it. Name it and your new channel will be shown next to the other channels.

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Add a new channel

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