News Monitoring & Management Overview

Midesk provides a comprehensive solution for news monitoring and management to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest market developments and gain actionable insights. This overview will help you understand the key features and capabilities of Midesk’s News Monitoring & News Management system.

Midesk News

Global Media Monitoring

Midesk offers AI-powered worldwide news monitoring services that enable you to monitor hundreds of thousands of news sources from around the globe in more than 100 languages. With the help of a translation tool and language-agnostic AI Clustering, you can search across 65 machine-translated languages using English keywords/phrases as your search terms.

Key Features:

  • Monitor Traditional Media, Social Media & Blogs
  • Real-time monitoring of worldwide news sources
  • Search across 65 languages with machine translation

Website, RSS and API Monitoring

Monitor specific websites and niche sources relevant to your business, such as research institutes, using Midesk’s web monitoring capabilities. This bottom-up approach complements the top-down global media monitoring to ensure comprehensive coverage of news relevant to your industry.

  • Website & blog scraping : Midesk supports website and blog scraping to monitor news from any website. Users can also monitor news from their competitors’ websites. Go to monitoring jobs, use JSON value type and set up your extraction steps to extract multiple elements (xPath multiple), make sure the output contains links, and select “Forward download” option.

  • RSS and API: Midesk supports RSS and API to monitor news from any website. Users can also monitor news from their competitors’ websites.

Newsletter Monitoring

Midesk Inbox allows you to monitor industry and market newsletters and capture their content. Newsletters are a curated source of insights on specific topics, trends, or industries and are essential for staying informed in today’s fast-paced business environment.

AI-powered Multilingual Clustering

Midesk’s real-time NLP model clusters news articles based on their meaning, regardless of language, to reduce noise and prevent duplication. This multilingual AI Clustering helps you better understand the information context and provides clarity.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual context (across more than 100 languages)
  • Duplication prevention
  • Adjustable “similarity threshold” per channel 5. Smart Channels

Midesk’s Smart Channels are a central hub for all your news intelligence work, allowing you to learn about the latest market developments, create intelligence, such as commented articles, and distribute them in a few clicks.

News Management

Efficiently organize market updates, add insights, and create custom-branded send-outs with Midesk’s news management capabilities. You can easily distribute branded newsletters via Email and on Slack, manage multiple distribution lists, and utilize the drag-and-drop newsletter builder to save time.

With Smart Channels, users can efficiently organize market updates, add insights, and create custom-branded newsletters to distribute relevant information to their teams.

By leveraging these capabilities, Midesk ensures that organizations can stay informed about the latest market and competitive developments, making data-driven decisions easier and more effective.

Midesk integrates it and leverages its advanced queries, image recognition, language translation, and topic tagging so users can very quickly manage news insight. To set up newsletter monitoring jobs in Midesk to track competitors’ email communications, users can go to the Monitoring Newsletters page. If users have any questions or need assistance, they can refer to the documentation or contact the support team through the contact form on the website.

Convenient Distribution

Midesk offers convenient distribution features, such as branding, email customizations, scheduled delivery, attachments as PDF, and analytics. This ensures timely and efficient distribution of news to your colleagues and stakeholders.

By leveraging Midesk’s News Monitoring & Management system, you can stay on top of the latest market developments and trends, ensuring that you always have the most accurate and actionable insights at your fingertips.

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