Market Intelligence Platform

The Ultimate Swiss Knife for People in Market Intelligence

For all the Market Intelligence Professionals that deal with market information to make informed decisions. A solution for your daily Market Intelligence work.

  • Dedicated AI-powered Market Intelligence platform
  • Media intelligence for your MI-work
  • One place for all your Market Research

Dedicated AI-powered Market intelligence platform

Being a Market Intelligence professional, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the strategic questions or by the fact that something big is happening on your market but you don't know what. You may find it difficult to find relevant information and you find yourself keep reinventing presentations and reports from scratch. Market intelligence professionals tend to find themselves developing new SharePoint solutions in order to structure their work, which is not efficient.

Get your market data structured and spread your intelligence efficiently. A place where all Market Intelligence professionals can monitor and process media, conduct market research, store market information in data repositories and build lasting and up-to-date reports and export them with little effort.

Midesk is a fully-fledged modern Market Intelligence platform powered by AI for your organizational MI-related work.

Media intelligence platform for your Market Intelligence work

Being knowledgeable about the latest news and provide relevant insights is difficult not just for Market Intelligence departments but for everyone who manages media intelligence. Media licences have become a big problem for organizations over the last decade. Yet, there is no convenient solution to this pain point.

Get an AI-driven Media Intelligence platform to manage your media processes. We provide a place where you can monitor media, store articles, provide insights and easily distribute media outputs to your colleagues and customers.Midesk lets you measure how many licences you have consumed and tells you which media you need to pay for.

You may also use our AI functionality to extract key information from articles and speed up your daily MI work even more.

Tip: Use a wide array of communication channels, including slack, mail, “direct messages”, or another channels of your choice.

One place for all your market research

Do you find yourself searching for documents that are all over the place? Is your projects communicating in many different channels which can be difficult to follow? Are your teams reinventing a wheel from scratch? These are all the most common and pressing issues while conducting market research projects.

Get a dedicated place for all your market research. Centralize, manage and categorize related documents and links. Reuse project-related documents for the next project and bring project communication to one dedicated platform where you never feel lost again in scattered messages.

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