Automate your organizational media work

It usually takes around 10-15 hours to process media weekly. Forward your press-clippings / alerts to Midesk, automatize selection, extract key ideas from text. Midesk can reduce effort via pre-processing or connecting Midesk with your media data providers.

Media Processing

Automatize your on-going media work with workflows and media pre-processing. Fetch the data from a target link and extract all the important metadata.

You and your organization can then engage and work further with your articles in the market intelligence platform.

Fetch article content and exctact important content.

Media Providers Connection

You can forward your monitoring emails from for example Google Alerts or other media providers to a magic email address and Midesk will take over all the manual work, extract relevant information and serve it to you in your platform where you can spend more time on quality control and actual intelligence ("so-whats").

Fetch article content and exctact important content.