Fully-fledged newsletter management

Midesk innovates the composition, distribution and analysis of internal/ external send-outs. Build good-looking branded newsletters, attach modular content from your platform as payload, track reach & click rates and manage licences.

Compose newsletter & include press-clipping

Send out very easily and quickly beautiful branded newsletters with processed articles, own message and managed attachments. As simple as selecting your distribution list, clicking on news you want to include and sending it out.

Compose newsletters and send press articles to your organization.

Scheduled distribution

Midesk lets you schedule the delivery of your emails so you can prepare it the night before and send it to fulfil the requested delivery at 7:00 am next morning.

Schedule press clipping delivery.

Good-looking newsletter

The emails are optimized and will be displayed properly in your email clients. They will feature your own logo if you want to.

Feel free to customize email parameters like custom salutation, final words, etc.

Good looking organizational press-clipping newsletters

Measure and analyse your newsletters

Midesk tracks your emails and measures their success through (unique) clicks, articles your colleagues liked, etc.

Overview of the market intelligence platform.