Fair pricing to fit organization of all sizes and needs.


Market Intelligence (MI) is an important topic for small as well as larger companies. Because our product covers three different MI areas (news, research, baselines), you can choose exactly the functionality you need (aka Hubs) and don't have to pay for what you don't need.


Midesk Core

The Core package unlocks a custom server and adds administrators. To use Midesk, you need to select additionally at least one Hub from below.
€ 149 / monthprice per administrator


Midesk News Hub

Midesk News Hub, connects all your news sources, automatically extracts metadata, and lets you add insights and swiftly create branded send outs with just a few clicks. Send out as many send outs as you wish, invite as many people as you want.
€ 49 / monthprice per 150 monthly saved news

Midesk Research Hub

Midesk Research Hub lets you consolidate all your research documents, links and communication; reachable for everyone from everywhere. Collaborate on research projects with your teams.
From € 0 / month price per project collaborator

Midesk Baselines Hub

Midesk Baseline Hub gives everyone access to up-to-date validated market data, whether it is a competitor’s revenue or GDP; as well as a drag and drop report builder for competitor profiling or KPI dashboards. One baseline is either a report or data repository saved in the system.
€ 3 / month price per baseline