Whether you come from a small company, or corporation with additional Market Intelligence needs from conceptualisation through post-merger integration, we have a plan for you.


Your business lacks market intelligence capabilities. It's time to get the key basics for an unbeatable price.
  • 10 website monitoring jobs
  • 5 news monitoring queries
  • Newsletter via email
  • Space 100 MB / project

€ 59 / admin / month

Help setting it up included


You have established a market intelligence function and would like to take as much repetitive work from it as possible.
  • 30 website monitoring jobs
  • 15 news monitoring queries
  • Newsletter via Slack
  • Space 1 GB / project
  • AI-powered KPI extraction
  • Help setting up Keywords and Crawlers (1 hour)

€ 129 / admin / month

Additional Monitoring Jobs

If you need more monitoring jobs that what is included in the packages, you can flexibly purchase them in batches that consist of 10 website monitoring jobs and 3 news monitoring jobs. A batch costs € 29 / month.