Market Intelligence Platform Built around the Intelligence Process

Collect, Process, Distribute and Measure with features built to reduce the repetitive work and let you focus on Insight and Quality.



Monitor the world & collect market data from websites, discover news from thousands of sources, harvest newsletters, and get notified on significant events.

1st step of the Market Intelligence Process: Collect Data and Information

Crawl External Websites

Monitoring Websites and transfer them into Change Notifications and structured Market Data.

Crawl External API

Plug-in Free & Paid providers and website background requests to harvest the data in a structured way.

Centralize Newsletters

Forward emails that include news links to a private Inbox Email and extract relevant news articles

Use Our Media Monitoring Service

Monitor tens of thousands of media and blogs and get informed about your competitors, clients and markets.


Coddle your market data in a dedicated repository system, create commented newsletters, and spin up self-updating business reports.

2nd step of the Market Intelligence Process: Process Data and News

Comment & Categorize News

Review received articles, request feedback from your teammates, provide official comments to news articles, schedule newsletters.

Maintain Healthy Market Data

Manage the complexity of market data (periods vs sources vs currencies vs internal politics) with ease. Midesk is built on top of many years of corporate experience and "strategic dialog" cycles; we have been there.

Use Ready Business Templates

Spin up and manage self-updating templates like competitor profiles and dashboards that are ready to go.

Spin up Research Projects

Start research projects, add team members, manage files, team communication and deliverables.


Schedule newsletters via Email or Slack, export self-updating PowerPoints ready for your board meeting, forward notifications about significant changes on the web.

3rd step of the Market Intelligence Process: Distribute Data and Insight

Send Email & Slack Newsletters

Quickly build beautiful branded newsletters and schedule distribution to one of your multiple distribution lists. We can of course create professionally-looking PDFs as a by-product and distribution the newsletter on Slack.

Export Dashboards as PowerPoint

Export Self-updating Reports as PowerPoint presentation always ready to go for your next board meeting. Build these reports easily in a drag & drop editor.

Get Notifications on Significant Changes

Generate website monitoring reports that showcase their performance. Get notified only on significant changes such as when a value changes +- 30% (as opposed to any changes).

Export Data as Excel

Export all of your market data in the right reporting period, format and data-point version, with source per data point in as comments.


Understand who reads your newsletters, what your distribution list is interested in, put KPIs behind media work, and analyse your news licence usage.

4th step of the Market Intelligence Process: Measure - Market Intelligence KPIs

Count Media Licences

Measure how many licences your organization needs based on exact consumption so you can decrease your budget because you know exactly how many people have read your content.

Analyse Newsletter Engagement

Analyse your distributed newsletters and understand what your distribution lists are interested in. Use these KPIs (clicks, reach, bounces, ...) to focus your market intelligence.

You can gain significant benefits if you entrench Market Intelligence into your organization.

Benefits of using Midesk

Time saved

Midesk is able to save in average around 2 hours / day / full-time equivalent which translates to around $ 18.000 / per year under the average salary of a market intelligence professional that's in average $ 72.000.

Piece of mind

Whether you support with research or manage a market intelligence team, your job is on the line and the data you report must be precise. Midesk stores source for data point in the system, allows you to manage past reported values, and in general informs you about news so you don't have to.


It's vital for your business to manage market intelligence in order to take good decisions and stay ahead of your competition. Mismanaged market intelligence leads to failed M&A transactions, problematic governmental fillings or unfortunate destinies like Kodak, Nokia or Xerox.

Continue your Midesk Journey! You save time, get peace of mind and take better decisions with Midesk.