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The Monitoring-First Market & Competitive Intelligence Platform

Discover the power of automated competitor monitoring, customizable scraping, and real-time change alerts with Midesk's comprehensive Market & Competitive Intelligence platform.

Competitor monitoring

Gain a strategic advantage by effortlessly monitoring and scraping of competitors and market data, structured data-driven storage, reporting and notifications.

Midesk provides an edge in competitor monitoring with more structured scraping and storage.

An alternative to Apify, VisualPing, DiffBot

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News monitoring

Stay informed and proactive with comprehensive and timely news insights, covering global events, RSS feeds, and newsletters to understand market dynamics.

Midesk offers unmatched flexibility and comprehensiveness in news monitoring, including RSS, API & page scraping.

An alternative to Contify, Crayon, dpa news, Factiva, Feedly

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News management

Maximize efficiency in managing news intelligence lifecycle, from curation to distribution, ensuring accurate and relevant insights are shared across your organization.

Midesk streamlines the entire news intelligence lifecycle, from discovery to curation and distribution, with a modern, branded, and commented approach.

An alternative to Contify, Crayon, Factiva

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Competitive & market data management

Revolutionize the way you manage market & competitor data with a dedicated, adaptable, and exportable repository system, optimizing M&CI processes.

Midesk the first dedicated solution for market & competitor data management, providing a more efficient and effective system than competitors or traditional methods.

An alternative to Airtable, PowerBI, Excel

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Report management

Simplify and automate your reporting process with auto-updating dashboards and seamless PowerPoint exports, ensuring data accuracy and saving time in the long run

Midesk sets itself apart with self-updating report exports, streamlining the reporting process.

An alternative to PowerBI, WideNarrow, Google Data Studio

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