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Fully automatic & AI-guided Competitor Monitoring

Discover Competitor Insights with Midesk’s One-Click AI-Driven Competitive Monitoring Solution

Effortlessly stay ahead of the competition with Midesk’s AI-Driven Competitor Monitoring feature, designed to identify both quantitative and qualitative data points from competitors’ websites, APIs and social media.

Simply input an URL, and our state-of-the-art interconnected monitoring & scraping solution, databases and news system will automatically track relevant content based on various identifiers (see below), ensuring you never miss a beat in your competitive landscape.

Midesk's AI-driven competitor monitoring solution automatically tracks and analyzes your competitors' activities.

This powerful monitoring system streamlines the process of gathering crucial data points, news & social insight, and stores it in a management platform, delivering real-time notifications on competitor moves with minimal manual intervention.

Monitoring competition, effortlessly with automatic identifiers

Midesk’s AI-Driven Competitor Monitoring capability makes use of various identifiers to efficiently collect and analyze information from different sources. These identifiers focus on specific elements found on competitors’ websites or social media accounts, giving you valuable insights into their activities and strategies.

AI-identified KPIsExtracts and analyzes quantitative KPIs from competitors’ websites using ChatGPT-driven technology.
LogoRecognizes and tracks changes in competitors’ logos.
Xing accountLocates and monitors competitors’ Xing accounts for networking and professional updates.
Kununu accountFinds and monitors competitors’ Kununu accounts to assess their employer reputation.
Linkedin accountDiscovers competitors’ LinkedIn accounts.
Facebook accountDiscovers competitors’ Facebook accounts.
Instagram accountDiscovers competitors’ Instagram accounts.
Youtube accountDiscovers and tracks competitors’ YouTube accounts for video content and updates.
Blog index pageIdentifies and monitors competitors’ blog index pages for content updates and insights.
News index pageLocates and tracks competitors’ news index pages for the latest company news and announcements.
Impressum pageFinds and monitors competitors’ Impressum pages for legal information and updates.
Team pageDiscovers and tracks competitors’ team pages for personnel changes and organizational structure.
Sitemap fileIdentifies and monitors competitors’ sitemap files for website structure and navigation updates.
Rss feedLocates and tracks competitors’ RSS feeds for real-time content updates.

Leverage these identifiers to continuously gather data about your competitors’ activities, to make better-informed decisions for your business.

Key Features of Midesk’s AI-Driven Competitor Monitoring Tool

  • URL discovery: Based on a single URL input, which we re-process for best results, we automatically discover new relevant URLs for comprehensive monitoring.
  • Recursive Monitoring: Our AI follows pages, identifies relevant information, and learns from past results to provide the most accurate insights. For example, if a website links to Kununu, we will follow the link and extract KPIs there.
  • Categorization and Grouping: Organize information and leverage AI to contextually group related content to digest and analyze.
  • Real-time Updates: Keep up with competitor activities using automated content gathering and website change monitoring.
  • Extensible: Easily scale your competitor monitoring efforts as your business grows, without any extra effort.
  • AI-Identified KPIs: Benefit from the power of ChatGPT to extract and analyze quantitative KPIs from competitor websites.

These key features ensure a comprehensive and efficient competitor monitoring solution for your business needs.

Hands-Free Setup and Management

By simply providing a URL, you can leverage Midesk’s cutting-edge AI-Driven Competitor Monitoring feature to enhance your competitive intelligence efforts, saving you time and resources while staying ahead of the competition.

Simple Setup Process

  1. Provide URL: Simply provide an URL, and let our AI-driven platform handle the entire competitive monitoring process, including content identification, repository setup, and news channel customization.

End-to-End Monitoring Solution

  • Automated Setup: Midesk’s capability orchestrates the entire process for you, setting up a databases, news channels, and monitoring jobs tailored to your industry and competitors.
  • Automatic Content Gathering and Distribution: The platform monitors website changes, downloads blog posts, intercepts newsletters, and notifies you about changes, all without any manual intervention.
  • Client Workspace: Browse and manage content, adjust distribution lists, and prepare and schedule newsletters directly from the platform, making it an effortless experience.

By simply providing a URL, you can leverage Midesk’s cutting-edge AI-Driven Competitor Monitoring feature to streamline your competitive intelligence efforts, saving you time and resources.

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