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Real-time Web Change Alerts

Structured architecture equals meaningful notifications

Midesk architecture makes all monitoring content comparable as all monitoring jobs are underpinned by a Data & value type (boolean, number, money, text, JSON, date). Therefore, all monitoring notifications are not data blogs but meaningful and actionable information.

Midesk highlights deltas% for numerical changes

For numerical findings, Midesk is triggered by a percentage change which you can choose. Midesk then reports such a delta via email or an in-app news article, including past data for your reference.

AI-summarized email notification about numerical changes on websites

Midesk shows you differences in text

Midesk highlights the added and removed text changes.

Website change notification: monitoring text

Midesk notifies you upon complex list changes

Midesk highlights the added and removed text and list elements for textual and list changes.

That is very helpful for use cases such as monitoring the investment relations pages, product portfolios, partners’ names, offices, marketing messages and other online texts and lists.

Website change notification: monitoring JSON and complex objects

Multi-channel Email Distribution and Shareable Notifications

Monitoring jobs let you choose whom to send notifications to via Distribution lists. You can then automatically forward notifications from one website to one distribution list and another website to another team.

Midesk also generates shareable news articles in your Smart channels. You can add an official comment and distribute it as a Newsletter) to your colleagues.

Midesk change notification: in-app numbers

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