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Whether you want to monitor the web for news and updates, track social media trends, analyze procurement opportunities, or access economic data and analysis, Midesk has got you covered.

Our integrations are designed to be user-friendly and customizable, so you can easily set up your monitoring preferences and receive the most relevant information in real-time. With Midesk’s integrations, you can turn raw data into actionable insights and stay ahead of your competition.

List of implementations

Midesk offers a wide range of integrations with various sources, enabling our clients to access the most relevant and up-to-date information about their industries, competitors, and customers. By providing our users with a holistic view of their market, Midesk helps them stay ahead of the curve and make strategic decisions that drive growth and innovation.

Web Crawler
Midesk's own web crawler can scan websites and extract data, such as text and images, for analysis.
Web Crawler (Proxy)
This integration works the same way as the Web Crawler, but it uses a proxy server to access websites and hide the crawler's identity.
TED Integration
This integration allows Midesk to monitor TED for specific keywords and collect procurement notices for analysis.
Youtube Integration
Midesk can track video content on Youtube with this integration.
Google Search API (SERP)
With the Google Search API integration, Midesk can fetch Google search results for specific queries and analyze them.
Bundesanzeiger Integration
This integration allows Midesk to monitor announcements and filings published in the German Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger).
TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) Integration
Midesk can track and analyze public procurement notices published on the European Union's Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) platform with this integration.
ifo Institute Integration
With this integration, Midesk can access economic data and analysis provided by the ifo Institute, a leading German research organization.
Förderdatenbank Integration
This integration allows Midesk to search and analyze funding opportunities provided by the German government through the Förderdatenbank.
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Integration
Midesk can access news and updates from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with this integration.

Connect to familiar sources with a few clicks

On the one hand, you can set up very advanced multi-task variable-based mass monitoring that transforms the findings according to your wildest imagination. On the other hand, Midesk makes it super easy to start monitoring some with its pre-built recipes that connect you to some of the sources of Market Intelligence, such as grant websites, Twitter, Youtube, and other resources.

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