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Dedicated Database System for Market & Competitive Intelligence

Simplify Your Market & Competitive Data Management With Our Dedicated Database System

The Midesk Databases, at the core of your Midesk workspace, are the ideal space for all your non-news data. Built on years of feedback from our clients, our refined architecture satisfies even the most challenging aspects of managing market data across various reporting periods, information sources, and currencies.

M&CI Databases - Dedicated Market Intelligence Databases

Efficiently Manage Data Across Various Reporting Periods

Managing data that represents specific periods such as daily active users, monthly sales targets, or annual consolidated revenue, is a common aspect of Market & Competitive Intelligence. Midesk offers a dedicated and proven solution to such common yet “niche” use cases.

M&CI Databases - Managing data periods

Intuitively Address Missing Values

Missing figures are common in Market & Competitive Intelligence. Midesk’s intuitive system simplifies dealing with figures that are not readily available or lie outside your preferred reporting period. We offer bottom-up calculations such as sum, average, min, max, and off, making the management of missing figures a breeze.

M&CI Databases - Intuitive Management of Missing Figures

Streamline Information Source Management

Maintaining an organized approach to source information is crucial when dealing with market & competitive data. As the volume of data increases, managing information from multiple sources for the same reporting period can become challenging. Midesk’s dynamic solution ensures you can always accurately answer the question, “What’s the source of this data?”

M&CI Databases - Managing information source

Experience Enhanced Market & Competitive Intelligence

Midesk’s specialized Databases offer an integrated solution to manage market and competitive data. With Midesk, you can unify all your data management processes into one platform, letting you focus more on insights and actions, and less on manual data manipulation.

To understand how our databases interact with other capabilities, explore our Product offering. Experience how Midesk can redefine your Market & Competitive Intelligence.

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