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News Channels & Workflows

The Importance of News Intelligence

In today’s rapidly changing environment, having the right tools to manage relevant data and information is not just helpful, it’s necessary. Our Smart Channels empower you to stay on top of the influx of information with unparalleled efficiency.

News channels, incl. smart channels

Streamlining Your Media Work

Midesk’s Smart channels are a central hub for all of your news intelligence work after you have discovered news content with one goal: so you can swiftly learn about the latest market developments, create intelligence, such as commented articles, and distribute them in a few clicks.

News channels, incl. smart channels

AI-powered Contextual News Grouping Across Languages

Powered by our real-time NLP model that can cluster news articles based on their meaning, regardless of language, your news channels group similar content across time, reduce noise and helps you better understand the information context. It reducess clutters and duplication, and provides clarity.

Multilingual AI Clustering in Market Intelligence

Key features:

  • Multilingual capabilities (more than 100 languages)
  • Duplication prevention
  • Adjustable “similarity threshold” per channel
  • Transform news channels into RSS feeds
  • Enhanced security with password-protected RSS feeds

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