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Convenient Distribution

To build a good newsletter system, you need three things: (1) find a method to continously discover relevant stories from news, blogs and social media, (2) make it easy to store & manage the stories, and (3) implement an optimized process to quickly produce and distribute good-loking emails, PDFs and Slack newsletters.

Managing multiple distribution lists has never been easier. Expect beautiful e-mails, PDFs & Slack messages. Corporate identity is included, customization is no problem.

Distribute branded newsletters via Email and on Slack

Timely and convenient distribution of news is important. Midesk offers a drag&drop newsletter editor for news distribution with custom branding, including advanced features like scheduled delivery, attachments as a PDF, and analytics.

Midesk Newsletter Email Example

Manage multiple distribution lists

Distribution lists define channels you can use throughout Midesk to get data information from point A to point B automatically. Each distribution list may contain emails of your colleagues or can be connected to a Slack webhook.

Distribute Newsletters Easily: Drag&drop Newsltter Builder

The easiest and fastest way is to send a newsletter to a distribution list (you can have multiple of them, such as Product Management, The Board, Sales team).

Midesk Newsletter Builder

You can go through the process in around 2 minutes to a high-quality internal Market Intelligence newsletter. Midesk saves around 80% of your time you would typically spend on distribution.

Midesk further offers news distribution features, such as branding, email customisations, scheduled delivery, attachments as a PDF, and analytics.

Newsletters as PDF

Midesk makes it easy to generate a PDF of your newsletter, including your own comments, table of content and your own branding.

Newsletter in PDF

Send newsletters to Slack

There has been an increasing number of companies that have started using Slack to share relevant news articles among their teams. You can connect your Midesk workspace to Slack and manage distribution of your newsletters in a new and innovative way.

Midesk Slack newsletter

Where else can you get web, newsletter & media monitoring, data warehouse, report management, a library of API integrations, all of that powered by AI accessible via API ... all in one place?

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