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Monitor global and local media

Monitor Traditional Media, Social media & Blogs

Media monitoring has become a must in today’s changing world. News articles, blog posts and social media are the essential monitoring channels. Midesk provides three distinct ways to obtain news:

  1. Global media - the top-down approach
  2. Website monitoring - the bottom-up approach
  3. Social media - the noisy approach
  4. Newsletter monitoring - the hybrid approach

1. Use our AI-powered worldwide news monitoring service

Midesk provides external media monitoring service where you can get news in 65 machine-translated languages from across the globe. You are never out of the picture.

Media monitoring

Use Midesk to monitor hundreds of thousands of news sources from around the globe in more than 100 languages with the help of a translation tool and language-agnostic AI Clustering.

Search Across 65 Languages

You can search across 65 machine-translated languages supported by our news provider using English keywords/phrases as your search terms. That allows you to “look across languages” and find all global coverage of your topic regardless of the language it was published in - a critical element in enabling you to peer deeply into local narratives and perspectives.

Multilingual AI Clustering

2. Monitor relevant sources directly with the help of website monitoring

Monitoring topics that do not make the headlines but are still relevant for your business is also important. For example, you might want to automatically store news from niche sources, such as research institutes. You can easily use Midesk’s web monitoring capabilities to collect such content.

Jobs in news channel

3. Newsletter monitoring as a hybrid approach

Newsletters quickly become the best way to get curated insights on specific topics, trends, or industries. Use Midesk Inbox to monitor industry and market newsletters and capture their content.

Midesk Inbox - A central hub for all newsletters around you

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