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Company Profiles & Industry Reports: The Drag&Drop Editor

Create dynamic company profiles and industry reports with Midesk’s Drag&Drop Editor

Struggling to manage data consistency between your PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets? Automate your standard reports creation with Midesk. Our platform offers customizable company profile templates, automated data insertion, standard outputs, and export options in a variety of formats, including PowerPoint and Excel.

Midesk's drag&drop report editor

Midesk’s drag&drop report editor lets you incorporate all your other Midesk content, such as data and news. Simply use drag&drop blocks like news blocks, text blocks, image blocks, or chart blocks to embed your content.

Real-time Updates

Ensure your reports are always up-to-date with Midesk. All your graphs and variables in the reports are updated in real-time, reflecting the most recent state of your data.

Experience the convenience of self-updating deliverables such as company profiles and client reports. Feature floating periods and embed various parts of Midesk into them including news, custom data, and monitoring findings.

Effortless PowerPoint Exports

Eliminate the tedious task of manual data updates in your PowerPoint graphs, currency exchanges, or window-switching when updating the “Latest news” slide. Midesk takes care of all the heavy lifting, automatically updating your slides.

Fully-fledged slide

Advanced Features

  • Automated currency exchange: Allow Midesk to manage your financial data conversion, delivering accurate, real-time information in your chosen currency (learn more).
  • Variables in text: Infuse dynamic data directly into your text content for an auto-updating report.

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