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Download content of scraped results

One of the advanced applications of Midesk is a multi-step scraping where you first identify URLs in the first step and download the underlying content in the second.

Download & categorize scraped content as news articles automatically

For example, you may point a monitoring job to a job board or a blog and monitor the latest entries. Once a new entry is found, you may define that such an entry shall be saved to your system, for example, to a specificNews Channel.

Midesk is clever enough to download only new entries (preventing duplicates). It also allows you to choose what to do with entries once they disappeared from the target website.

Where else can you get web, newsletter & media monitoring, data warehouse, report management, a library of API integrations, all of that powered by AI accessible via API ... all in one place?

Consolidate your Market Intelligence work, save money and just use

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