Daily KPI Scraping

Harvest the power of external data

Published data on websites, such as your competitors’ pricing pages, serve as an essential information baseline for strategy, research projects and daily Market Intelligence work. But the effort to continuously and manually capture the data to Excel is high. And if you miss a day, the data is gone forever.

Midesk’s solution offers the most advanced data extraction capability dedicated to Market Intelligence on the market that can underpin 99% of the typical use cases out of the box.

Midesk monitoring job editor

Get results as structured data automatically

The best part about Midesk monitoring is that your monitoring jobs store their findings in aData repository specifically built for Market Intelligence purposes.

Scraped data is stored in your data warehouse

You get unlimited scraping history and multiple export possibilities, such as Excel and PowerPoint. You can easily reuse the data throughout the system.

One-click Recipes

Midesk allows you to adjust your monitoring to your image and monitor & scrape practically anything via its rich user interface. However, the system also provide convenience through pre-built Recipes to quickly start monitoring some of the internet’s most frequently-used Market Intelligence resources, including social media, such as Twitter and Youtube.

One-click monitoring recipes

Advanced features

  • Structured Mass scraping
  • URL variables
  • Automatic figure identification
  • Math and advanced function on findings (e.g. get the media price and multiply it by 1000)
  • Proxy and failure management
  • KPI-related notifications
  • Regex, xPath and JSON processing

Where else can you get web, newsletter & media monitoring, data warehouse, report management, a library of API integrations, all of that powered by AI accessible via API ... all in one place?

Consolidate your Market Intelligence work, save money and just use

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