Build Up-to-date Business Profiles with Drag & Drop Blocks

Create lasting and up-to-date reports with innovate Midesk research builder. Compose modular reports like a puzzle. Fetch your data from data repositories, transform them into customizable blocks. Finally, export it to a PowerPoint presentation.

Research Builder with Building Blocks

Build professional business profiles and research based on your structured data repositories. An innovative approach of writing reports as drag&drop "blocks", such as container, text, image. You can include special blocks like "hard data" to fetch the data from your data repositories.

Midesk offers a one-click export to PowerPoint.

Build your research online. Always exportable to PowerPoint.

Always Available Online & Ready To Download

Store your reports online and make them available to everybody from everywhere. If you need it, export your latest reports to PowerPoint with always up-to-date data.

Make your standard outputs, such as your competitor, customer or market profiles.

Build your research online. Always exportable to PowerPoint.

Power Point Export for Offline Use

Export your reports as PowerPoint with all the up-to-date data.

Store your market intelligence reports online and make it available to your organization.