Baselines Hub

Baselines Hub is one of two key areas of Midesk. It make it easy to collect, manage and distribute everything around market data and market reports.

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Midesk Baselines Start

Midesk Baselines Start

Baselines Hub is structured in four parts, which are connected and relevant to each other

Data Types: Imagine an Excel row but better. All the content in the Baselines hub has a data type that makes it easy to compare and work with data.

Data Repositories: These are containers where we save your data.

Long-term Reports: These are long-term deliverables like competitor profiles or other reports that keep themselves up to date and are exportable into PowerPoint.

Competitive Monitoring: This is a source of data for you that monitors websites and APIs every day and saves data into data repositories and generates notifications and news from its activity.

Baseline Zoom - Fourt parts

Baseline Hub: Competitive Monitoring, Long-term Reports, Data Repositories and Data Types