Email Inbox

Midesk allows you to forward news articles to a dedicated email address. The system is able to recognize news and convert them into articles you can use in the system for other purposes.


Newsletters are quickly becoming the best way to get curated insights on specific topics, trends, or industries. But inboxes aren’t the best place for focused reading. Keeping up with newsletters in your inbox can be a disorganized, distracting, and overwhelming experience. 

That’s why you can now get newsletters in Midesk. Keep up with the topics and trends that matter to you, without all the distractions.

Midesk Inbox Overview Page

Forward all of your market-related newsletter into a dedicated email address to read and use relevant articles from a convenient place.

Workspace Email Address

Once you register, Midesk will generate a dedicated email address you can use to intercept emails. You can find this address if you go to Settings -> Workspace Inbox Email

News Articles

Under the hood, Midesk reads emails you, your colleagues or newsletter services forward to this email address and identifies news, to then save them to the system.

Once you have the news in the system, you can use the right column to open, delete, comment, forward and categorize your news. You can also very quickly repackage them and forward them to your distribution lists.