News Hub

News Hub is one of two key areas of Midesk. It makes it easy to collect, manage and distribute everything around related to news and media intelligence.


Midesk News connects all your news sources, automatically extracts metadata, and lets you add insights. Swiftly create branded send-outs with just a few clicks. So you don’t have to deal with dozens of open tabs, spend hours on copy and paste, and be stuck with e-mails as your single send-out alternative. Latest market developments are channeled in one place

Four areas belong to News:

  • Saved News, find and manage all your news articles

  • News Monitoring Job, monitor hundreds of thousands of broadcast, print, and online news sources from every corner of the globe in more than 100 languages

  • Email Inbox, free your inbox from information overload. Generate a Midesk email address and get newsletters sent to your Midesk instead.

Midesk News Overview

Midesk News Overview

Find and manage your News articles here. All your saved news is stored. You can categorize it into channels. Articles sent by email get saved here as well.

News - Manage Tools Icons

Manage tools for News - Select, Categorize articles, Send in newsletters, Mark as read, Delete

Select and mark an article on the right top side, to manage it:

  • Categorize,

  • Send via email,

  • Mark as Read, or

  • Delete it.

Use symbols on the left top to selected or deselect all articles. The latest News Articles are always at the top. You can comment on articles at the right bottom.

To comment article, click on the right bottom. Please open the article. At the bottom, you are able to comment with text to share your thoughts with colleagues.

Please return to send the comment, Shift + return for a new line.

Midesk News Comments

News Comments

You can comment article on the main page without opening it, like a shortcut. Please use the item under each article.

Zoom News - Comment article

Comment article

You are able to delete your comments anytime. Like with "thumps up".

ZOOM News Comment article

Comment article or delete comment

Find an article in your Saved News by using the search bar: filter by date, specific Channel, or full text

News overview - Searchbar

Search in "Saved News" by full text, date and Channel

See the number of unread articles for each channel. When you mark an article as unread, the total number of unread articles changes.

Open Channel, select all articles, and mark as read

News overview - unread articles

Unread articles: "Select all" and "Mark as read"

Midesk supports identifying values within articles. It gives recommendations for different value types such as:

  • Organization

  • KPI

  • Value

  • Date/Period

Each value type has its own color to get a quick overview.

See the whole sentence at the top, where the identified value is from. It supports you to understand and put in relation

News - Save identified values

Midesk supports you to save identified values

Click on "Save" to import a value and add a Data Point to an existing Data Repository. Midesk supports you and gives recommendation with pre-fillings:

  • start of the period

News- Add Data Point

Add Data Point to a Data Repository