News Monitoring Jobs

Midesk connects to an external API that facilitate news monitoring and integrates the results into its connected news hub. You can use advanced queries, image recognition, language translation and topic tagging get a good morning news brief.

Monitor hundreds of thousands of broadcast, print, and online news sources from every corner of the globe in more than 100 languages, with help of a translation tool. An automatic search engine filters your information and presents them in Midesk. Get your information and articels automatically.

News Monitoring Job - Overview

News Monitoring Job - Overview

Start a blank News Monitoring Job. Fill with

  • query (see further down),

  • tags (see further down),

  • countries where it should come from,

  • language,

  • visuals

You do not need to fill it all. The more filters you set - the more precise are the results. Give it a try!

You can "Search" for results. If you like your results you can "save query". All your search criteria are saved and you can start a new search round very easily. Name it and find it in your "News Monitoring Jobs" on the left bar.

If you like an article, save it, process an article, click on the actions column of the found articles. This article is in "Saved News". You are always able to change your News Monitoring Job.

News - Create a News Monitoring Job

Create a News Monitoring Job. Use Query, Tags, countries, language, ...

News Monitoring SEARCH RESULTS

Search results

Please use the following terms for the web search:

  • Phrases should be in "Double quotes"

  • Spaces are interpreted as AND

  • NOT is denoted by a minus sign "-"

  • OR is supported

  • Peer group example: ("thyssenkrupp Marine Systems" OR "Naval Group" OR "Navantia")-"Rosoborenexport"

Use more than 2000 tags for your search. You can use several tags. Enter a keyword and find a tag that fits your search. Please scroll to find the right one

News Zoom - Competitive Monitoring TAGS

Use Tags for your Monitoring Job. Enter a keyword and scroll down for more

If you like an article, save it, click on the actions column of the found articles. Midesk suggests a lot of info. Title, Source, Published on, language,… Images from the article get saved within Midesk (if you want)

  • Make changes within the article: Edit the text for example

  • Add a comment if you like

  • save the article and you find it in Saved News

You can make changes anytime

News - Process New Article

Process a new article