Dedicated repositories for key market data

Strategic decisions need to be decided based on up-to-date market data. Therefore there is a need to monitor and centralize all relevant KPIs. Yet, market data is scattered all over the places and communication channels.

Get a dedicated central place to store market data, add sources, manage currencies, manage data transformation, and easily export data. The KPI view can then be shared and accessed by any stakeholder identified by the strategy departments.

Dedicated repositories for key market data & long-term reports

Up-to-date reports with custom templates

There isn’t just a need to store market data at one accessible place but also to easily compare and report it to stakeholders. However, it’s hard to keep data reliable and up to date. Manual comparison of important KPIs is time-consuming.

Get a platform where you can store all your market data and create lasting and up-to-date reports. We provide an innovative approach of writing reports as drag&drop "blocks”, use of custom business templates and one-click export to PowerPoint. Distribute your data from Midesk, a central place, to your whole organization to provide it with a data baseline.

Automatic Financial & Business KPI extraction

Strategic departments need to continuously monitor key performance indicators of their market (GDP, interest rates, profit, …). This is done manually and data is fetched from several data repositories.

Midesk offers a platform that automatically extracts KPIs when they are published and alerts you about changes. Updating KPIs manually is the past and can now be done automatically. Focus on developing strategies instead of fetching key data manually.