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Effortlessly Monitor Your Competitors' Digital Footprint

Midesk is the most advanced crawling solution for Market Intelligence that allows you to track your competitors the Market Intelligence way. It's also conveniently priced, starting at € 59€ 17,7 / month.

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Don't Miss Important Changes

Monitor their websites

While you may occasionally check your competitors' websites, you often end up learning about important changes too late. Midesk visits a page multiple times a day, extracts data for further use, and notifies you about significant changes.

Monitor their social media

Most companies use social media and overshare. And it's hard to keep track of all of the channels they use. Midesk monitors the social media accounts of your competitors and extracts their KPIs and content for you.

Monitor their newsletters

Monitoring competitors' newsletters is an underrated competitive technique. You can use Midesk to subscribe and receive your competitors' newsletters. We extract relevant content so you can comment on it & share insight with others.

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Use Crawled Data

Curate & export data

The best part about Midesk monitoring is that your crawlers can extract specific data points and store them in a dedicated data repository. You get unlimited crawling history and multiple export possibilities, such as Excel and PowerPoint.

Share notifications

While it's great to get notifications about significant changes, it's often just the start of the process. Midesk generates commentable notifications and makes it easy to share them via a shared public link, your own newsletter or via Slack.

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Midesk Report Builder

Make your life as easy as possible

Cleaver difference reports

How do you make sense of long lists your competitors share, such as names of their partners, offices or offered products? Midesk highlights what's is added and removed — you don't have to tinker with Excel.

Duplicate Monitoring Jobs

Do you need to quickly spin up a large number of new monitoring jobs for a new research project? Don't worry. We've got covered. Midesk makes it easy to duplicate and maintain your crawlers.

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The Most Advanced Crawling Solution for Market Intelligence

As all of our competitors concentrate on news insight, we offer unique Market intelligence capabilities not available anywhere else on the market.

Crawled Results
Managed Data Points
Identified Articles in Newsletters
Saved Articles

3 more reasons to try Midesk

Proxy crawlers included

We use Proxy providers and rotate IP addresses to disguise our crawlers to overcome anti-crawling measures.

We are ex-Market Intelligence

We worked years in Market intelligence and have learnt a lot from our clients. We'd be more than happy to support your advanced use cases.

New features every week

We practise product-driven growth and client-centric development. We extend our platform frequently.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the offered package?

The offered package includes everything you need to get started with competitive monitoring.

That means 15 monitoring jobs, a custom email address where you can forward newsletters of your competitors, a data editor, a report builder and a newsletter distribution system (including a scheduler and email deliverables).

What is a monitoring job?

A monitoring job is a crawler that fetches data from websites, APIs, social media and our news service that covers global media & blogs. Monitoring jobs run a couple of times a day to assure you get notified when something relevant changes.

How many monitoring jobs will I need?

15 monitoring jobs should be enough for 1-2 competitors and 1 news monitoring job. If you have a bigger peer group or multiple peer groups and would like to track rather more than less, you will most probably need around 10-25 monitoring jobs per company and 2-5 news monitoring jobs to monitor the news in general.

Keep in mind that you can always create new monitoring jobs above the limit and remove or replace current jobs you don't need anymore.

How can I get additional monitoring jobs?

The process is very simple. You can create as many monitoring jobs in the system as you need. If you come over the limit, we will charge you at the end of every month for the extra monitoring jobs you use.

An extra monitoring job is priced at € 0.29 / month. We use Stripe to make this as convenient for you as possible.

What if I need more / less administrators?

You can add new administrators to the system by inviting / removing your colleagues via the App interface. In terms of billing, we'll upgrade or downgrade the subscription with proration. You're charged fair (prorated) amounts for the time spent on the subscription.

How do I get my 30-day Midesk refund?

Getting your refund is simple — all you have to do is contact our customer support team.

Keep in mind that you don’t need a special reason to get a refund. We’ll return your money to you as long as your account is in good standing.